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Backed by over 600 partners worldwide, Russell Bedford is one of the largest recognized global networks.

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The FRTG Group is a member of the Russell Bedford global network of independent accounting and tax consulting firms and management consultants. Backed by over 800 partners worldwide, Russell Bedford is one of the largest recognized global networks.

This network allows us to combine the advantages of personalized service as a medium-sized consulting firm with the global presence of an international network, and provides our clients with an even broader range of international consulting services.

Benefit from our membership
Our membership gives the FRTG Group access to expertise from globally recognized and hands-on consulting firms in financial consulting, international taxation consulting and auditing matters in the corresponding local business setting.

We are present for our clients in the most important business and financial centers around the world and have our finger on the pulse of the developments of tomorrow. So that we can advise our clients even more proactively and sustainably, we cultivate a constant culture of information exchange and working techniques between our partner offices worldwide. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are planning on entering onto the international stage. We are here to provide you with advice and support and will work alongside you to set the course for a forward-looking concept, also with regard the associated tax burden.

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