Young Professionals

Have you just graduated from high school and now want to break into the world of work? Then you're exactly right with us!

Getting started in your professional life

School Graduates

Congratulations on graduating from junior high school, middle school or achieving your college or university entrance qualifications. Your career path is open to you from this moment forth, and we would really like to support and guide you along the way. Kick-start your professional life and future with the FRTG Group.

What training can I undertake?

  • Training to become a tax clerk
  • Training to become an office management assistant
  • Dual studies: Training to become a tax clerk & Bachelor of Arts in Taxation and Auditing

What should I bring with me?
The two most important things are interest and questions. You are with us to learn. Ask if you don't understand something or if a topic particularly interests you. You colleagues will be happy to explain things to you or help you. You should also have a good knowledge of mathematics and a good feeling for numbers. You will also have a very good command of written and spoken German (spelling, grammar and punctuation). You are committed and utterly reliable.

You enjoy working in a team, but you also like to work under your own responsibility and enjoy interacting with people. As a trainee, you will meet German-speaking clients in the main. Since we also look after English-speaking clients, a good knowledge of English is also an advantage. Your school English will suffice completely.

Where can I find your current vacancies?
Our Vacancies page contains all the current positions you can apply for at the FRTG Group.

What should I pay particular attention to?
So that we can get as accurate a picture of you as possible, please send us complete application.

Your application should include the following documents:
  • Letter of motivation: What interests you about the training position? Why do you want to join the FRTG Group? What do you expect from us?
  • Resume in tabular form: your full contact details. What path has your career taken until now? What training have you already completed? What knowledge and skills do you already possess?
  • References: most recent reference
  • What are your salary expectations?
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FRTG as an Employer

What to Expect at FRTG

With your help, we help our clients progress – in auditing, tax, legal and management consulting.

Our 200 employees provide us with a presence throughout Germany. Our success depends on strong personalities who have minds of their own. That is why we stand for flexibility instead of micromanagement. This allows everyone to develop professionally with us while discovering and progressing in their chosen field.

We encourage and urge our colleagues to continue their professional development and provide support for any professional examinations they may wish to take. We offer our colleagues attractive added benefits to their salary, including travel allowances, free public transport tickets, personal office equipment, luncheon vouchers and much more. Simply speak to on today!

A high degree of flexibility in the organization of working hours in the modern world of work is just as natural for us as providing the opportunity to strike a good work-life balance. We help to find the most suitable and individual solution for you.

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