For the fifth year in a row the FRTG Group has been awarded the title TOP TAX CONSULTANT by „FOCUS SPEZIAL“.


Finding the right accountant can be challenging for non-specialists, on the other hand choosing the right account becomes more and more important. Skilled accountants cannot only save businesses and individuals a lot of money by doing the tax returns, they can also help with long term business planning and even networking in a globalized world.

In order to identify competent taxation experts amongst the more than 90,000 tax consultants in Germany, the Hamburg-based market research institute Statista has performed research and published a listing of the TOP Tax Consulting and Public Accounting firms in Germany in FOCUS SPEZIAL. The determination of such a listing was based upon a polling of several thousand partners and experts from tax consulting and public accounting offices. Those questioned were able to provide one or more recommendations in respect of 19 work aspects and 10 business sectors, but only for experts who are not active in their own office.

Just as in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, FRTG Group has once again been included in the listing of the leading TOP Tax Consulting and Public Accounting firms in various categories.

„The fact that a polling of experts – in other words according to external third parties – has resulted once again in us being named amongst the TOP nominees is a wonderful award and at the same time a confirmation that good work performed on a sustainable basis finds recognition“, reports Wolfgang Hohl, WP, StB and Managing Director of Franz Reißner Treuhandgesellschaft mbH, a member of FRTG Group.

The FOCUS award is a confirmation of the high quality of the consulting services offered in the various categories and business sectors. It equally underlines the wide competence and particularly the work quality of the professionals and the staff of FRTG Group.

„Especially a polling of experts in which one has absolutely no influence over the outcome, is a significant indication regarding the quality of our work and thus we are particularly pleased with having received this recognition. We also express our thanks to our clients for their trust which they have placed in us over many years“, declares Thomas Kuth, StB and Managing Director of FRTG Steuerberatungsgesellschaft Essen mbH, a member of FRTG Group.

Categories in which FRTG Group is listed for 2018:

  • General consulting and tax returns
  • Representation and assertion in front of taxation authorities and administration auditors
  • Accounting
  • Reorganisation, restructuring, insolvency
  • Tax consulting/law regarding fiscal offences
  • Auditing
  • Business consulting
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