FRTG Group receives award „Germany’s Best Auditors 2020/21“

FRTG Group receives award „Germany’s Best Auditors 2020/21“

manager magazin awards business prize to FRTG Group

In their April issue the manager magazin names „Germany’s Best Auditors 2020/21“. The FRTG Group is also ranked with an outstanding evaluation result.

With the award „Germany’s Best Auditors 2020/21“, manager magazin aims to improve the clarity of the market and reward those accountants who convince their customers with an excellent performance.

The following overview informs you in detail about our evaluation result; in relation to all other “Challengers”.

Evaluationsergebnis FRTG Group
We are particularly proud of the award because it is given without application and based on the feedback and judgment of our clients.

We are very happy and hope we can continue to convince you with the quality of our work.

FRTG Group